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We are imports and exports food, beverage and miscellaneous goods company

We import and export products from different countries.  Our headquarters are located in Seoul Korea.  We also specialize in OEM or private label for different products.  Our miscellaneous goods currently are eco-friendly bags. J's international is a trustworthy and reliable partner to their customers that facilitates and grows together with their partners, in different products that it helps source for their partners.  J's international trading company Ltd. is dedicated in providing the same passionate attitude since its first launch.  We help manage an efficient supply chain solution at a competitive price.  Based on our close ties with China, the United States, and other countries and our trust with our customers, we will continue to grow further with the spirit of challenge and creation.  We have gained loyalty and trust with our partners and we continue to work with our customers in the future as a more reliable trading partner. Our most popular item is our eco-friendly bag. You can create your own bag with your  logo or brand.

If this interests you please do not hesitate to contact us.



J’s International Trading Co., Ltd., which is always exploring new products and new markets. Our vision is based on value and we are passionate for challenge and change.

Company vision


J’s International Trading Co., Ltd. aims to provide a cooperative working environment. We are team-oriented and can better understand each other's expectations and move forward efficiently by working together as a partner and team.
As a reliable business partner, We want to be a partner in all trade and logistics. We will always be a company that grows with our customers.

Our mission


Company strengths


If MOQs are too big, purchases can be burdensome.

To make it convenient for our customer we provide B2B transactions to Offer a smaller MOQ.


Typically, when you do business with a foreign country, you pay in advance. This prepaid payment method is subject to a number of unstable risks. We can reduce this risk by giving credit.


We care for all our customers. Large or small business customers. We evaluate each situation different depending on the customer

Import / Export Company in South Korea

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